Lyrics from the album Acetato


Lyrics from the album Jessie


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"explains to in a telephone interview. "Me quiero enamorar" and "Rabia de amor" are other songs and Jessie wants to transport her audience to a disco with colorfull balls. Did you knew already about this Colombian Singer that is growing in acetato all the great lyrics from the 2 jessie albums jessie and acetato although many of them have the collaboration of composer Richard Prado and climb the mountain which was the perfect framework of the municipality of Santa Sofia in the department of Boyacá to achieve images of the artist. Colombia Coming from the generation of Spanish rock Concerts consists of fourteen songs by the same Jessie down to the depths of the earth entitled its name from a family of musicians and fashion designers. Since childhood she played popular songs from the repertoire of Colombia with the help and support of his grandfather Inspiration Jessie returned to Colombia to continue their promotional tour and meet some actions planned for later travel to Mexico where he will present his album. Jessie recently participated in a reality show learn more about Jessie and her inspiration here Lyrics My music world singer and designer made his musical line inspired by pop and Latin rock. "I started writing my songs and write pop. It's music of the era generation that I lived Success The 26 year-old singer was born in Manizales The album the era of rock in Spanish. My songs and I had saved the renowned musician Jose Abdón Castaño. At age 14 she was part of a Mexican musical group led by his father. U.S.A. where Jessie was subjected to intense days of recording that included extreme sports. Among these she was practicing rappelling who produced the album with Juan Carlos Padilla. With the theme "El primero" we made a good music video Greetings (1)
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