Jessie Up Art

Evolve to the next music generation

Jessie Artist

 Own ingredients for success


Jessie writes her own songs and they naturally express their emotions.

Jessie Composer

Own and
unique style

Music Quality

I had the opportunity to participate in many contests. 

Jessie Creativity

Own talent, young and beauty

Pop Talent

I participated as a mariachi singer,  and then i choose the pop genre.

Jessie Talent

Own compositions, music,  quality

Unique Style

I don’t want to do the same of other singers, i am unique and have a style.

Jessie Colombia

Evolve to the next music generation

“Me quiero enamorar“ and “Rabia de amor“ are some of her songs and Jessie wants to transport her audience to a disco with colorfull balls.

Me quiero enamorar

Jessie is a very proud Mom

Enjoying my beautifull daughter. 

With a new facet, Jessie enjoys her motherly work like nobody else and is very happy with her motherhood rol.

“She as Mom will be a very special Music Star”.

Jessie The Artist

Jessie is a great painter and soon will be showing all her latest creations, expect the best and be ready for a very special quality.

Her complete work will be published soon.

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She appeared in major television shows and spoke with leading journalists from around the country.

Its themes already heard in the national broadcasters with the public acceptance.

A blend of power and sweetness is what brings the Colombian pop singer Jessie on her first album that bears her name.

I like country music, rock, pop, perhaps in the future i will explore other styles.

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“Loca por tú amor”

The “Loca por tú amor” video was produced by Juan Carlos Solarte and was shot on digital video with over 80 extras, on location in Bogotá.

Loca por tú amor

This theme was influenced by rock’n roll from the 70’s.


“It is a song I wrote about how love begins.

Si te vas

This song show the great work of the Colombian singer. 

Rabia de Amar
Excellent composition with great acceptance.






Tv Shows

Artistic career 

Her artistic career opened doors in America, where substantial resources have conducted an extensive deployment highlighting their excellent compositions
and great acceptance of their subjects.

canta y no llores jessie colombia

El evento musical : “canta y no llores”

El evento musical ‘Canta y no Llores’ se realizará el próximo sábado 2 de octubre donde grandes artistas de talla internacional se presentarán durante 90 minutos haciendo gozar a todo el público con ritmos variados como rancheras, corridos, boleros, huapangos, bulerías y pasodoble.

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September 25, 2021 0
canta y no llores jessie colombia

Canta y no llores

Canta y no llores, evento 2 de octubre del 2021

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September 13, 2021 0

Press 1

News register of Jessie’s presentations during many years

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October 3, 2018 0

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