Jessie Colombia

Jessie Colombia


Own ingredients for success

Jessie writes her own songs and they naturally express their emotions.

Album & Concerts

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“Me quiero enamorar“ and “Rabia de amor“ are some of her songs and Jessie wants to transport her audience to a disco with colorfull balls.
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World class music
With a new facet, Jessie enjoys her motherly work like nobody else and is very happy with her motherhood rol.
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Happy beeing a mother

Her artistic career opened doors in America, where substantial resources have conducted an extensive deployment highlighting their excellent compositions
and great acceptance of their subjects.

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Jessie’s Gallery II

La ley del monte

The law of the Hill - Musical Mariachi Theater - Writed and directed by Wilson de Jesùs Gonzalez, executive director Jessie Castaño, musical direction Omar Scarpetta - Made posible...


One of Jessie's favorite genres of interpretation, out of affection for Mexico, out of love for her grandfather, and it suits her very well, here are some songs in...


Jessie,el primero, perdóname,aunque pida demasiado, loca por tú amor,si te vas, mi noche,que lástima me dá,amor deshonesto, algo como tú,sin culpa,

Press 2

News register of Jessie’s presentations during many years


Avanza, Envidia, Hasta la vista B & B., Mar Azul, Mister Dj, Rabia de Amar, Soledad, Un Corazón

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